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Joe McCarthy, Ted Cruz
Joe McCarthy, Ted Cruz

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Peter H. Lewis played second base on the Central Park Press League Champion New York Times softball team, was Assistant Financial Editor, and personally registered the nytimes.com domain after his editors decided this Internet thing was probably a fad.
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  1. Harry Eagar says:

    You are very far from the first to say it.

    For journalists, the parallel is the way both manipulated news editors to get publicity for nothing — and by that, I mean nothing in money and nothing in content.

    Sen. Corker called Cruz out on it yesterday, rightly so.

    McCarthy had the Catholic church behind him (in fact, it created him), which Cruz does not. But McCarthy had a Republican president and a GOP establishment of more or less principled men against him, which Cruz does not.

    I almost expected him to wave a piece of paper “with the names of 205 million Americans who are known opponents of Obamacare.”

    Cruz is not, as far as I know, a drunk. I think he is potentially more dangerous than McCarthy because he cannot be expected to self-destruct the way McCarthy did.

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